“A Man Without Words is a Man Without Thought.”

– John Steinbeck

Click the videos below to view some of Omer’s lectures.

Omer 50th I

Omer 50th II

Omer 50th III

A celebration of the 50 year anniversary of the Napili seminars. Over 50 doctors gathered to network and hear Omer. Words of wisdom from Omer, Marci, and Neal Van Zutphen (financial advisor).

Sikka Software Boot Camp, 2008

Sikka Software Boot Camp, 2008

“Paradigms”, aka “Shift Happens”. Classic Omer trying to change your thinking.

Listen... and change the world

Lecture at IAPA, LVI’s annual meeting. Omer’s last national-meeting lecture, 2008 Includes discussion of Neuromuscular dentistry. Introduced by Dr. Bill Dickerson

Omer Care Sizing I

Omer Care Sizing II

Omer Care Sizing III

Omer Care Sizing IV

Omer believed strongly in a single chair practice. He initiated the “Front Deskless” concept, consistent with his “Mini Mayo” concept. More emphasis on the structure of the practice in this lecture, but it’s still Omer.


Omer explains the emotional connection between a patient and dentist. He describes his concept of "Frontdesklessness."

90 Second Crown

This concept brought Omer Reed to the attention of most dentists in practice at the time. This demonstration was part of the Dallas County Midwinter meeting. His intention was to “irritate people into some thought process.”