The Words & Wisdom



A Philosopher, Dentist,
& Visionary

Omer Reed’s focus on relationships was an influential force in dentistry for many decades. Omer encouraged all to think differently, including dentists who made the leap to practice outside their national health care systems.

In this archive, you’ll discover practice newsletters, articles and seminars that inspired successful dentists around the world. Omer and Marci led 50 years of Napili conferences, lectured all over the world, and hosted dental discussions on the Colorado River 31 times.

Omer’s interest in clinical technology and practice management evolved with the times. He believed that the core of dentistry was “the people game”, which was the title of his introductory seminar (and one of the audiotapes you can listen to here).

He consistently showed that dentistry is all about people, trust, and relationships. In clinical practice for 57 years, he was a perennial student and teacher of communication, personal finance, long-term strategy, risk-taking and the philosophy of happiness. How much is enough?

Omer pushed boundaries. His unique presentation style and wide-ranging lectures were spiced with enthusiasm, humor, and often a push-the-envelope assignment. Omer and Marci casually asked teams to bring sewer lids to Phoenix, ended a class with surprise sailplane flights for all, and embraced Hawaiian hospitality as a welcoming theme.

Dig in and find gold.

~ Dr. John Highsmith